Chefs Blog

Welcome to the launch of our new Chef’s Blog.

David Nourse, Head Chef and Colin Hart, Director will be sharing some of their thoughts and experiences with you. Every day they talk about food, what’s in season? Where it comes from? What are the best ingredients for a dish? Planning new menus and researching the latest trends.

Alongside the “day job” of providing the best food for our customers, they try out new recipes, attend trade shows, create amazing staff food and even judge competitions. I am sure their blog will have something for everyone.

For David and Colin food is their passion and you will be able to enjoy their journey in creating some amazing food for our clients. They will also be writing some topical posts which will get people talking.

Braised Beef

Bowl food is becoming more and more popular as a way of providing food in a relaxed and informal manor (its the modern day buffet)
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