Festive Hygiene

As the festive season approaches we all get ready for the influx of the extended family visiting.

Surprisingly the toilet and bathroom are the cleanest and most hygienic places in the house.

So as a chef I’m going to write a few tips which will help prevent any sickness.

  • Start with the fridge, pull out everything! take out all shelves and wash in hot soapy water.  Allow to drip dry then spray with antibacterial spray allow recommended contact time and then wipe off with kitchen roll.  Then when putting back if food items have been hanging around – put it in the bin
  • When defrosting foods – do it in the fridge, take out the item a couple of days earlier, leaving an item on a bench for a few days to defrost can allow bacteria to multiply rapidly.
  • Anything defrosting should be in a leak proof container in the bottom of the fridge away from eggs, cooked meats, fruit and vegetables
  • When the family is around, have antibacterial soap available. I know it doesn’t look pretty and smell like coconuts and lemon grass from Thailand, but it does make a difference.  A tip is to encourage children to wash their hands before and after eating, it will be suprising how many adults follow suit like children.
  • And lastly before during and after the family have visited anti bacterial wipes are fantastic for wiping taps, door handles and hand rails. These are the surfaces that get over looked the most.

A little bit of prevention is better than cure !