La Chinata Smoked Paprika

Sweet Smoked Paprika and Hot Smoked Paprika.

It adds an increased depth of flavour that other products cannot match.

This product of Spanish origin obviously lends itself well to all dishes with a Spanish flavour.  I put it with my Cornish Sea Salt to then sprinkle on fish and chicken, add to soups and stews, Jambalaya and a dash to a savoury cheese scone, it adds a little warmth to a crispy roast potato, added to a garlic mayonnaise with crudité, – the list is endless.

At home I make a caramelised onion hummus along with toasted cumin, garlic and tahini this product really adds flavour.

After a busy Saturday function day, on Sunday mornings I need something more than caffeine to give me a boost, a little hot smoked paprika in my Shakshouka really helps get my day going.

I love the warmth it brings to any food.

Try it you will love it!