Life along with Brexit

Multinationals e.g. the one that owns the breakfast condiment that we either love or hate, have too much control of our food and household products.  As a consumer we seem to be dazzled by the big companies and the supermarkets that sell their products. Yes we need them for some items, when it comes to our food I think we need to have a look at the small producers and shops, locally and nationally.  Why are we so chained to purchasing our meat, beer and cider, fish, fruit and vegetables from these big companies. Yes in the last few years due to some successful campaigning the big companies have been selling wobbly or misshapen vegetables , british meats , pushing sustainable fish etc.

I chat to loads of people within my job as a chef, time, limited budget, convenience and all under one roof are reasons why we overlook local butchers, vegetable suppliers etc.

So many people forget about local.  As an event and wedding caterer we are regulary in contact with cake makers, suit hire, wine merchants, photographers, marquee hire, suppliers of bespoke tableware, infact the list is endless.

Using local isn’t as expensive as people think. Consumers should give them a go, as the owners too have invested alot of time and money in growing their business which is a friendly, quality service to us.

The end result in not supporting local is that like the high street, these goods and services will one day just disappear – forever