Supplier Focus: Woburn Country Foods

Since coming to Bedfordshire in 2004 I’ve used Woburn Country Foods as my butcher.

Quality and consistency is a vital ingredient for event food.

From award winning sausages, bacon, to beef fillet and locally reared venison, I love their promise to deliver quality meat.

Upon joining Hart’s Food & Events I took director Colin to visit their cutting plant and shop at Haynes, West End to see where the meat production begins.  All processes were explained – where animals are reared, how long meat was hung, the process of butchering down a hung carcass to restaurant cut.  He was so impressed he was happy to bring Woburn Country Foods into his business.

The relationship is brilliant I can speak to any of the team about meat and if I have a more technical request Head butcher Phil will call me back which shows the care and passion which goes into their product.

(this blog is based on the personal reflection of David Nourse and is not a paid promotion)