Wrest Park Wedding

Our first wedding of the season was a big one for us, not in terms of numbers but because of who it was for.  Its not everyday that you get asked by the venues wedding co-ordinator to caterer for her wedding.

Ella and Tony knew that they did not want a formal sit down meal this wedding was very much about family, love and enjoying time together.  There was all the usual legal bits, followed by a beautiful blessing made all the more special as the Priest who performed the blessing is also Ella’s best friend.

Following the ceremony the guests had time to enjoy the beautiful gardens at Wrest Park whilst the photographs where taken,  once all the pictures had been done guests made there way through to the library to enjoy an afternoon tea.

This was a wedding of two halves once the tea had been drunk and the speeches enjoyed, we asked all of the guests to leave the library, where the tables where removed and in there place a casino was set up.

The children enjoyed a tea of sausage and mash followed by jelly and ice cream and during the evening the adults enjoyed a selection of bowl food whilst they played on the casino or enjoyed the evenings music entertainment.

Wrest Park provides the perfect setting for weddings and has a range of spaces available for your wedding.